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As a local Ithaca Roofing Company, we work one job at a time, until it is complete. Unlike some other Ithaca roofing contractors, once we arrive at your home, we will be there to see your work through to the end. During the job, Bob (Vice-President) will be working on site with the crew, and is available to answer questions, change work orders, and offer informed advice on any potential issue. You can also ask questions of our informed and friendly employees.

We sub-contract nothing out, when you hire Preferred Exteriors inc., you get us.

Much of our Ithaca roofing work comes from repeat clients. We leave all our Ithaca roofing customers feeling satisfied that a good job has been done. We greatly value your good opinion and possible referrals, even after we’ve long left the job site. If you are looking for the best Ithaca roofer for your job, look no further than Preferred Exteriors & Renovations.

Preferred Exteriors – Your Ithaca Roofers

We have extensive Ithaca roofing experience in residential and commercial roofing. Chances are you have driven by some of the Ithaca roofing work we have performed and never even knew. We have helped many Ithaca homeowners with their roofing repairs and installation needs. No Ithaca roofing job is too small or too large to handle.

You can count on our years of Ithaca roofing experience to provide you the best answer for your needs. Our success is, and always will be, related directly to our level of excellence, customer services, and the good relationships we foster with our clients in the Ithaca community.

Ithaca Roofing & Siding

We are a full service roofing and siding company, located in Sterling NY and serving homeowners in Ithaca NY and the surrounding communities. We have extensive experience in roofing installation, roof repairs, roof replacement and more. We provide the following services to our Ithaca customers:

  • Ithaca Metal Roofing
  • Ithaca Metal Siding
  • Ithaca Roofing Siding Colors
  • Ithaca Shingle Roofing
  • Ithaca Flat Roofs
  • Ithaca Seamless Roofing
  • Ithaca Roof Repairs
  • Ithaca Roof Installation
  • Ithaca Roof Replacement

We have hundreds of satisfied customers in Ithaca, NY. Much of our work comes from repeat clients. We leave you feeling satisfied that a good job has been done. We greatly value your good opinion and possible referral, even after we’ve long left the site.

Ithaca Metal Roofing

As a Ithaca metal roofing contractor, we have strategically partnered with a metal roofing supply company that has branches in Auburn, Syracuse, Horseheads, and many other locations to bring you a metal roofing panel that is formed right here in Central New York using 100% USA Made Pittsburgh Steel.

Metal roof panels are available with a 10-year or 40-year warranty for corrugated metal. We are very proud of this product and hope our Ithaca customers are too. We sleep well at night knowing we are providing local Ithaca jobs through the sales and manufacturing process of this panel as well as bringing you a higher quality product that is Made in the U.S.A.!

The Services We Provide in Ithaca, New York

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Duane did a great job as promised. […]
– Joe M.
Duane was very professional and knowing the urgency of my situation, he was very prompt in getting back to me and getting the job done. […]
– Karen K.
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